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‘We Reign’: Mother and Daughter's Journey to Help Sickle Cell Warriors

Updated: Mar 7

By: Johnicia Haynes

Living with a blood disorder can be quite distressing. Help is needed, but where can people turn?

Especially affected by Sickle Cell Disease is the African American community, which experiences higher rates of the disorder. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, abnormal hemoglobin in the blood cells causes a sickle shape that severely limits the flow of oxygen, often resulting in a shortage of red blood cells. Early diagnosis and treatment are recommended, such as newborn screenings or a simple blood test.

Meet Allison Morris, mother of an elementary student with an infectious smile and heart of gold, Samariah Reign. At birth, Samariah was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Allison was unaware that she was a carrier of the sickle-cell trait, making Samariah’s diagnosis quite unexpected during her newborn screening. Little did they know that their story would lead them on a journey of compassion and selflessness to help those living with sickle cell disease.

Resources for those suffering with Sickle Cell disease can be scarce. In fact, many families find their communities do not have many options for treatment. Allison shares, “there are many visits to the emergency room as sickle cell disease causes debilitating pain [also known as crises] and blood transfusions.”

In fact, Samariah and her mother must travel nearly one hour to the nearest clinic for Samariah’s treatment. Although awareness of the disease has gained momentum, pain management resources remain limited. Allison sticks to a regimen of available pain medications and limiting exertion to help Samariah cope. As a spirited child, this can be difficult for Samariah, who has a love for ballet and recently graduated second grade. As Allison watches her daughter battle through constant pain, she remains determined to do everything in her power to support Samariah and others facing the same condition.

“Listen to your body. Pain means there is something going on. You are not the disease. You are strong. Don’t give up.” These words of strength and wisdom are at the heart of the We Reign Sickle Cell Corporation est

ablished by Allison in support of her daughter and others living with sickle cell. Raising awareness, providing resources and support for those affected and their families is a top priority of the organization. For additional support, Allison also works as a medical advocate and provides care packages to sickle cell patients at local hospitals.

Their journey has just begun. The Reigns have become advocates for sickle cell awareness, sharing their story and encouraging others to donate blood. They organize blood drives, partner with local support groups and organizations to spread the message far and wide. We Reign held its first blood drive in partnership with the American Red Cross.

Their work helps to ensure that blood products are there for patients who are counting on it and their story serves as a beacon of hope for countless others. The Red Cross encourages donors to join in and save lives. Every donation makes a difference. Together we can save lives!

For more information and to donate, please visit:

Schedule an appointment for blood donation:

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