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U.S. Air Force Veteran says military service prepared him for his disaster role in the Red Cross.

Updated: Mar 7

Kwame Felton, US Air Force, 2016-2020, salutes the American flag.

To Kwame Felton, Veteran's Day is a special day to celebrate and honor the service, integrity, and excellence of those who have served our country and he doesn’t take this day for granted. Kwame served in the United States Air Force for 23 years and is forever grateful for the veterans that paved the way ahead of him. “Those veterans allow me to walk with dignity every day. They gave so much to defend our country and deserve our utmost respect.” After his service commitment ended, Kwame found himself unfulfilled at other organizations and eventually found his way to the Red Cross in March of 2022. Kwame, eager to join the team, continues to serve his country and community as a disaster program specialist in mid-Alabama. “The sense of service is what led me here. Helping my community and educating others connected me with the mission of the Red Cross”, Kwame says his decision to join the Red Cross was a simple one. He enjoys working and connecting with people from different backgrounds who are all working towards the same goal and credits his time in the military for teaching him patience and flexibility – traits that are essential for success in the disaster program specialist role. “I’m able to adjust priorities when needed and I can see the broader picture” he adds. “As I see more of our mission in action, my perspective grows.”

Kwame is working to advance the Red Cross mission every day by helping people who have been devastated by disasters, mostly home fires. “I’m proud to wear the Red Cross symbol and to be a part of what it stands for. I find that it opens doors to communication which lead to community participation, partnerships and opportunities to educate those who may not otherwise receive the message.”

Kwame Felton serves the community of Wilton, Alabama after a tornado caused widespread power outage in March 2022.

To anyone thinking about joining the Red Cross, he encourages you to be open to learning new skills and developing as an individual and a professional. Be comfortable about being in uncomfortable situations so that you can get the most out of the experience and learn from those opportunities. As for Kwame, he is grateful to be part of an organization that continues to support his career development and advancement through mentorship and career development resources. “Embrace that at the Red Cross we are: One team. One fight.”

With thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of volunteers, the American Red Cross is a diverse network of individuals committed to changing the world one community at a time. We offer a wide variety of opportunities where people are empowered to grow and do the work, they are most passionate about.

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