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June 2023

Written by: Susan Sparks

Congratulations to Linda Johnson (pictured on right), Disaster Program Specialist for the North Alabama Chapter, who retired May 31 after serving the American Red Cross for 16 years.

Linda began her Red Cross career in September of 2007 as the volunteer services director for the Morgan-Lawrence County Chapter in Decatur, Alabama. After serving in that capacity for almost one year, Linda became known as the emergency services director In 2011, during the organization’s restructuring, Linda was named the Disaster Program Specialist for Morgan, Lawrence, Lauderdale, Colbert and Franklin Counties.

Shirley Crutcher (pictured on left), local Disaster Program Manager, describes Linda’s work as “always supportive and engaging with colleagues, while going the extra mile for the people we serve. It has been a pleasure to work beside Linda during blue and gray skies. She will be missed but has left us with a strong Red Cross [RA4] presence in our communities.”

Linda will celebrate 40 years of marriage in July to her husband, Mickey. They have two adult children, Drew (37) and Lauren (35). Both children were involved with the Red Cross as youth and later as adults, following their mother’s passion for helping others. Linda states, “I had the heartfelt need to serve my community while representing the American Red Cross. I wanted to be that first [RA6] responder on the scene, assisting individuals and families who found themselves in a terrible situation. It was always an honor to serve my neighbors while wearing the Red Cross vest.”

Linda’s immediate retirement plans include taking several months to relax, catch up and work on her gardening. She will support her husband in his business and role as a minister. Her daughter, Lauren is expecting twins in September and is looking forward to becoming a first-time grandmother! In addition, Linda will enjoy spending more time with her 90-year-old mother and 87-year-old mother-in-law as they bask in the sun together at her mother’s lake and beach home.

Congratulations, and thank you, Linda, on a job well done!

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