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Making a Difference!

Doing good feels good – especially when you know that your time is making a difference in the lives of others. We could not do what we do without our wonderful volunteers!

Sharita Vasanjee

Meet Sharita – Volunteer of the Month

Sharita Vasanjee has always enjoyed helping others. Before moving to the US from South Africa she spent her free time planning events for her friends. She has always been the person her friends come to whenever they need help.

In July 2018, Sharita came to the Red Cross, “I was chatting with my Mum (now deceased) and I told her I want to volunteer at an organization where people will appreciate me so she told me I should do it.” She completed her application and started as the Business Administrative Associate just a few days later. “My mum was on top of the world that she told everyone in South Africa about my new role” Sharita recalls. Later, she would add two more roles: Fundraising Assistant and Volunteer Engagement Lead.

When asked what her most memorable experience at the Red Cross was, Sharita couldn’t decide on just one, “Sound the Alarm, donating blood, blood telethon… anything that involves community outreach”. Sharita shared that one of the best things about being a Red Crosser is getting to spend time with everyone. She enjoys all the hugs and smiles she gets each day she comes into the office. “I am very grateful that I can help out when others ask me for assistance – even blood services!” She adds, “every day is a day of learning, love and blessings.”

A few interesting facts about Sharita that you should know. She is a certified in American Red Cross First Aid, Pediatric and Adult CPR; she is working on her PMDP 2.0 certification through EDGE, she is a certified volunteer supervisor, she is afraid of frogs (ribbit, ribbit), she enjoys going on safari/wild game drives in her home country of South Africa. She has a passion for art, walking, hiking, nature, swimming and the beach. Oh and her sweet dog, Ziggy.

When asked what it meant to be the Volunteer of the Month, Sharita said, “It is truly a pleasure to have Richard (Tucker) as a Supervisor and a friend. I am very grateful that I work with such a good team. My heart beats for the Red Cross.” Sharita, our heart beats for you too! Thank you for all that you do!

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