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Lindsey Gober, Our Lifesaving Award Recipient

On June 29, 2019, Lindsey Gober courageously saved the life of a 22-month child by performing CPR, a skill which she had gained through her training with the Red Cross. Lindsey saw the child floating in a swimming pool and immediately sprung into action, removing the child from the water. Turning the child onto its back, Lindsey proceeded to give back blows in an effort to remove the water from the child’s lungs. Lindsey then administered CPR for 15 minutes while the child struggled to gain full consciousness. In a successful attempt, Lindsey grabbed a bottle of cold water and poured it down the child’s back. Miraculously, the child let out a cry. When the Emergency Medical Services arrived, the child was conscious and in stable condition. Lindsey’s quick thinking and CPR skills allowed her to save a life.

For her heroic actions, Lindsey Gober received the Lifesaving Award, one of the highest awards given by The American Red Cross. This award recognizes individuals who have performed courageous, lifesaving acts by using skills they learned through training programs offered by The Red Cross. Lindsey’s actions exemplify service to those in distress. By taking initiative and using the skills she learned from her red cross training, Lindsey has demonstrated the important impact learning emergency skills can have in saving a life.

The Red Cross offers a variety of training that allows people to gain knowledge and skill which can be utilized in emergencies to save or sustain lives. Lindsey, and other Lifesaving Award recipients like her, display the importance of having these skills in society.

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