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KIND Award Recipient Ted Brechbill

The Alabama and Mississippi Region proudly announces its monthly recipient of the KIND Award: a volunteer that is K(knowledgeable) I(involved) N(notable) D(dedicated). For the month of May, our award winner is Ted Brechbill representing the North Mississippi Chapter.

Ted serves in multiple roles within Disaster Cycle Services. He is a member of the Disaster Action Team. He also works with Disaster Assessment, Disaster Emergency Services and serves as the Coordinator for Disaster Spiritual Care. He has served with the Red Cross for five years.

Ted began volunteering with the Red Cross to give back to his community. He proudly admits that the Red Cross was his service organization of choice! Ted has served in numerous disaster responses and deployments. His most notable Red Cross experience was deploying to Puerto Rico.

When Ted is not wearing his many volunteer hats within the Red Cross, he enjoys riding motorcycles and fishing.

He is retired from the United States Coast Guard where he served on a helicopter rescue team, as a firefighter, and developed courses for a corporate university.

KC Grist, Executive Director for the North Mississippi Chapter states: Ted is always on “ready” when we need him. He responds to fire calls and is always ready to deploy as needed. During the recent tornados in North Mississippi, Ted not only did his share of the Disaster Assessment but allowed me to accompany him. He taught indicators of what to look for while doing disaster assessment. Most importantly, he stressed the importance of talking to people. “They’ve been through a hard time, and they need us”, he said. “Even if we are not able to provide direct services to them, they can know that we care.” He even went back and did a repeat disaster assessment on a home that received damage but was not classified as “major.” He took me with him, and we met with the landlord, who was also the lady’s pastor. He patiently explained why the damage did not meet FEMA standards for assistance from Red Cross. He listened. By the time we left, the pastor had a better understanding of not only why we couldn’t help, but the understanding that Ted cared about him, his property and his tenant.

On behalf of the Alabama and Mississippi Region, congratulations Ted for being selected as the May recipient of the KIND Award. We appreciate your service and dedication to the Red Cross mission!

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