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Friends Who Volunteer Together, Stay Together.

North Alabama volunteers, Kasey Naves and Susan Butler deliver food to people displaced by March 25 tornadoes.

The dedication and compassion of our volunteers is undeniable! �⛑

Volunteer, Kasey Naves rescheduled a medical procedure so that she could be on the ground providing emergency aide to people affected by the tornadoes.

Kasey enlisted the help of her longtime friend and new volunteer, Susan Butler. This is Susan’s first deployment! On Tuesday, Susan and Kasey spent the day driving around to various hotels, delivering hot meals to families who we’ve been able to give emergency shelter to.

“It’s always rewarding because we help so many people. People love the hugs, and we love to hug them (prior to COVID restrictions)”, Naves made the decision to become a Red Cross volunteer after receiving gastric bypass surgery a few years ago. To further her weight loss goals, she joined the Red Cross thinking that she would find plenty of opportunities for getting the recommended amount of exercise and activity she needed.

6 years later, Naves has nearly reached her goal weight and has enjoyed giving back to her community at the same time. �

Nearly 110 trained disaster workers are helping in communities across Alabama; helping people find their new normal as they begin to recover from a disaster.

It’s easy to make a difference… �Give blood. ⛑Become a volunteer. � Make a donation.

Visit or to learn more.

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