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EVERYDAY HEROES: Jeremy Westmoreland

Everyday Heroes is a new series featuring outstanding local American Red Cross volunteers who take giving back to their community to a whole new level. This month we’re highlighting Jeremy Westmoreland, founder and chair of the Young Professionals Board (YP Board).

Based in Huntsville, AL, Jeremy has been hard at work helping the Red Cross with disaster response, arranging feeding/sheltering agreements and leveraging both his and his organization’s expertise to appeal to a younger blood donor audience.

Portrait: Jeremy Westmoreland

Jeremy’s work with the Red Cross doesn’t end there though. Recently, through his joint efforts with the Service to the Armed Forces division (SAF), Jeremy was able to secure wish list items, including iPads and computers for the residents of the Tut Fann Veterans Home in Huntsville.

Dedicated to serving our troops, the SAF helps military members and their families by providing critical services and comforts from home to veterans in military hospitals around the world and by offering assistance to their family after their service ends.

Jeremy’s initiative and dedication to members of his community and our troops, make us proud to feature him as the first of many Everyday Heroes.

To find out how you can become an everyday hero and make a difference in your community, visit and find a role that suits you!

Written by: David Rauch / American Red Cross

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