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Carol Stafford: August Volunteer of the Month

Carol receives her “Volunteer of the Month” certificate at Montgomery chapter office.

Carol Stafford began her Red Cross story after retiring from a 28-year career with the Alabama Department of Corrections. During her career, Carol also drove a school bus for Macon County Schools. Anyone close to Carol would describe her as being dedicated but that would be an understatement. Since 2016, Carol has touched the lives of military members and their families through her role in Service to Armed Forces (SAF), responded countless times to local disasters like home fires and has become an integral part of the Home Fire Campaign due to her certification in American Sign Language (ASL).

Carol uses her communication skills to focus on educating hearing-impaired individuals about the dangers of home fires and how they can stay safe with a bed-shaker alarm system. When asked why she chooses to volunteer, Carol stated, “I love meeting and helping people”. Bed-shaker alarms are given to hearing-impaired or elderly individuals who would otherwise not hear the typical system in case of an emergency. Often, Carol must seek these individuals and/or families out. Carol added “having Megan [intern from Alabama State University] with me has been a big help.”

If Carol isn’t working on a Red Cross mission, you can find her in the company of her daughter, Mishika  and grandson, Terrell (13). Carol is 54 years old and resides in Shorter, Alabama. Thank you for all that you do, Carol!

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