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April Jones: Leading the Change

As Women's History Month unfolds, we’ve enjoyed learning from remarkable women who are making a difference in their communities and beyond. One such individual is April Jones, based out of Yazoo County, Mississippi, she is the Risk Reduction Manager for the Community Adaptation Program, or CAP for short, for the National American Red Cross team.


April's role at the Red Cross is unique and incredibly fulfilling. April and her team collaborate through grassroots efforts to build more resilient communities in disaster-prone areas where families are already struggling with existing societal inequities - especially in the areas of

health, hunger and housing. She finds immense joy in working with other non-profits and her dedicated team members, Shenika Young and Robert Crowe. Together, they are empowering families and building stronger communities one step at a time.


Outside of work, April enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and indulging in hobbies like singing, painting, and dancing. Her zest for life is contagious, and she approaches each day with enthusiasm and purpose.


When asked about historical figures who inspire her, April introduces us to “Angela”, the first female slave recorded in America. “Angela stands out among the millions of enslaved people who were often nameless and faceless, she is symbolic for generations of African Americans. I admire Angela because of her perseverance, hope, sacrifice, strength and desire to live without knowing what was next. She survived things I could never imagine”, says April. Angela's story of resilience and strength in the face of adversity resonates deeply with April as a Black female.


Throughout her professional journey, April has encountered obstacles like racism and sexism. However, undeterred, she rose above these challenges with grace and determination landing her right where she's supposed to be with the Red Cross. This organization values diversity and creates space for voices that are often unheard.

“My manager, Neil Brockway, ensures that I have a voice by creating a safe space to share my thoughts and concerns,” says April. She believes that obstacles are growth opportunities and that others do not determine one's destiny.


April also draws inspiration from the women in her family, particularly her mother, Joyce Norman Jones. Her mother's grace, integrity, and commitment to service have shaped April's values and approach to life. “The women in my life believe in the importance of getting a good education and having a sense of independence. And most importantly, they showed me what it means to serve and follow God.”


Women's History Month celebrates the achievements of women, both past and present. April emphasizes the importance of not limiting oneself. “Everyone has a purpose and should strive to fulfill their dreams, regardless of others' limited imaginations.”


To the next generation of women, April offers this advice, “trust in a higher power, love yourself, be open to learning, and never let others limit your dreams. Most importantly, don’t step on someone else to get a seat at the table.”


April Jones, another extraordinary Red Crosser and woman inspiring us ALL to embrace our journeys and never stop striving for greatness. Join us in celebrating April and all the incredible women who continue to leave their mark on this organization and the world!

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