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APRIL 2021 – K.I.N.D. Award Winner is Fran Lawlor

The Alabama and Mississippi Region proudly announces its monthly recipient of the KIND Award: a volunteer that is K(knowledgeable) I(involved) N(notable) D(dedicated). For the month of April, our award winner is Fran Lawlor representing the Mid Alabama Chapter!   Fran serves in multiple roles in Volunteer Services-as an Instructor, a Regional Volunteer Relations Team Lead, an Engagement Lead and as a Screening Lead. She is truly an asset to the Volunteer Services team and has currently been active with the Red Cross for the past three years.   Fran, however, is not new to the organization. She was a Junior Volunteer as a teenager and previously taught CPR courses. Fran decided to serve with the Red Cross to assist others in their time of need. She states she has had many memorable moments throughout her Red Cross tenure-conducting screening interviews, teaching classes and solving problems (her strength!) Being selected for this award she feels has been the most memorable moment of all! When Fran is not volunteering with the Red Cross, she enjoys gardening and giving tours with the Botanical Gardens. She has also competed in ballroom dance competitions and was a Girl Scout leader for many years. She also served as the Superintendent of Schools for the Catholic Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama. Carol Battersby, Senior Engagement Specialist in Volunteer Services states “Fran is an invaluable asset to the Red Cross.  She serves in two key leadership roles.  In her VS Screening Lead role, she helps prospective Red Crossers identify what role they would like to serve in and makes sure they have all the information they need to decide the best match for their interests.  As a volunteer lead, Fran provides training, guidance and support to the other Screening team members. In her role as Regional HR Lead, Fran works with volunteers and volunteer supervisors to resolve conflict; sometimes spending countless hours until the issue is resolved.  Fran also facilitates the Get Connected new volunteer orientation making sure new volunteers are welcomed and informed in their on- boarding process. Fran’s history with the Red Cross goes far back to when she started as a Red Cross Youth volunteer.”  She also serves on the Regional Volunteer Recognition Committee. Fran is the definition of KIND. Her Knowledge, Involvement and Dedication is Notable. The Red Cross is incredibly lucky to have her service.  I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition. On behalf of the Alabama and Mississippi Region, congratulations Fran on being selected as the April recipient of the KIND Award. We appreciate your service and dedication to the Red Cross mission!

Written by: Amy Cottrell / Volunteer Services

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