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An Acknowledgement of Service

Photo Credit: Selena Hardy

By: Johnicia Haynes

The Red Cross is celebrating the life-saving efforts and hard work of its volunteers. National Volunteer Week serves as a time to highlight the significant impact that every one of our volunteers has in fulfilling the mission of the Red Cross!

Helping in times of need is one of the greatest acts of compassion we can perform. An example of such action is the committed Red Cross service of volunteer, Ernest Moody. After years of faithful service, Moody recently retired from his Red Cross volunteer service. Although his retirement is well deserved, the Red Cross did not forget to recognize such admirable service.

Ernest has served as both a volunteer blood donor and Disaster Action Team Lead, while also working as a team member of our Home Fire Campaign, for over 10 years. His outstanding performance as a volunteer has made quite an impression on others, including Shirley Crutcher, local Red Cross Disaster Program Manager. According to Crutcher, "The longevity of Ernest's volunteerism speaks volumes to me. He loves the mission and the comradery with the other volunteers and attending the disaster action team meetings."

When asked about what initially drew him to service as a Red Cross volunteer, Ernest explained that it all began with his decision to become a blood donor. He, along with fellow employees from his office, would visit the Huntsville Red Cross chapter to participate in blood drives. During the process of donating, he says he thought to himself, “I can do this [working as a volunteer with the Red Cross]”. From there, he signed up as a volunteer and became a part of the Red Cross team. Not only did he follow through with his commitment to serve in his community, but Moody would also go on to donate over 50 gallons of blood over the following years!

When asked about growth in volunteer service opportunities with the Red Cross, Ernest recalls that when he initially became a volunteer, the technology used by volunteers was pagers and not cellphones. He would receive emergency calls throughout the night and answer them by driving to different areas of North Alabama to assist in emergency situations, such as house fires.

Moody’s service did not stop there. He also helped with financial assistance provision for survivors, by distributing emergency funds. When not responding to emergency calls on behalf of the Red Cross, he would further assist within the community by helping to install smoke alarms as a team member for the Home Fire Campaign. Disaster Program Manager, Shirley Crutcher also recalls, “I could always call on Ernest and he would go." Ernest Moody’s service has undoubtedly saved many lives and prevented loss of property.

When asked about his service, Moody does not feel his story is all that remarkable. Contrary to his own belief, his service has been pivotal in demonstrating the mission and goals of the Red Cross, which include helping to prevent and eliminate human suffering.

Moody says that his time as a Red Cross volunteer has been enjoyable. He even notes a personal desire to help with future smoke alarm installations, as the need arises. Visits to his local chapter are also a part of his current and future, just to see some familiar and new faces.

Although he has retired from volunteer services, Moody notes that he continues to have close ties with the Red Cross community, including a group of fellow church members, who have also served on behalf of the Red Cross cause. He says it is now time for the next generation to become more involved in carrying out the Red Cross mission in this 21st century age of technology.

He offers further encouragement for others to serve by stating, “I really did enjoy playing a part in helping them [survivors] after they had a fire. Sometimes the fires would be major with individuals or families who lost everything, sometimes the fires were minor. For the most part, the people you help really do appreciate it.” Through his service he has also helped survivors during severe weather and aided through difficult times in their lives.

Overall, he counts serving as a Red Cross volunteer an enjoyable experience. Now that he has retired, Moody plans to travel and has continued to perform yard work, which he enjoys. Although he humbly expresses that his volunteer service is nothing remarkable, his exemplary service is to be acknowledged. The Red Cross has honored volunteers for their remarkable commitment to the mission and vision of alleviating human suffering. As part of recognizing the gift of their time, volunteers, such as blood donors, have been honored with plaques acknowledging their significant contributions to the saving of many lives. We wanted to ensure that he is given full recognition for his admirable work with the Red Cross.

In honor of his service, Mr. Ernest Moody was recently presented with a plaque recognizing over 13 years of dedication and committed service. This plaque honors him as a committed volunteer who has chosen to make numerous life-saving donations to others. These honors are bestowed by the Red Cross to honor those who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to saving lives. Much like the plaques Moody saw during his times of blood donating, which inspired him to continue donating blood, his plaque will serve as a reminder of valued service to others. It is only fitting such kindness be rewarded. Congrats Mr. Moody and thank you for your service

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